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The free trial of GAPM™ Lite will:

  • Only have your own input, as opposed to the value and power of having your whole company or whole division’s input. However, you will be able to see how the process works.
  • Come to your email in the same way it would come to your people with a secure link to our server to protect anonymity.
  • Be a limited version with only about half of the metrics of the full version. There will also not be industry comparisons, user login tools, and other features available “only to subscribers”. Again, it is designed to give you an understanding of what’s really available.
  • Produce a report that is just like the regular version but with some “user only” areas grayed out. However, it will have fully functional tools mapped to your top most critical metics that you can explore for further use.

The trial is an excellent way to get a solid feel for this excellent tool. It is a “one-time-take” authorized to you when you register and you will have access immediately. Your report will generate a PDF that you may download and keep to analyze and review.

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