Partnership Approach

The Associate Partner Program is a comprehensive, balanced program designed to meet partners’ needs and results in joint success. At PS Culture Matters every partnership is an opportunity to understand our partner’s needs and work together to deliver results. We’re not interested in a one-time sale. Instead, we cultivate long-term relationships that grow along with partners’ GAPM™-based business. As a result, we look for partners with unique characteristics and whose core values are similar to ours.

We are looking for professional service providers to partner with who can put the Accountable Culture Management™ Process in front of progressive organizations. This could be accountants, lawyers, consultants, financial advisors, or professional service providers of any kind with an interest in helping organizations improve their performance. As members of the PS Culture Matters’ Associate Partner Program, partners will be eligible to receive a variety of sales, marketing, and support benefits.

Partner Program Achievement Levels

PS Culture Matters provides four levels of partner achievement. This four-tier program provides partners with opportunities to achieve higher levels of partnership by meeting certain program requirements.

Master Partner

Master Associate Partners hold the highest achievement level within the PS Culture Matters Associate Partner Program. A Master Associate Partner demonstrates a proven track record with GAPM™, a very high degree of business synergy, and significant presence in multiple clients. Master Associate Partners are leaders in setting industry standards and have established client coverage.

  • Has built a healthy and vital GAPM™ business practice
  • Demonstrated industry leadership
  • Has obtained GAPM™ certification
  • Has 4 GAPM™ client references
  • Has achieved and maintains annual GAPM™ net revenues of $40,000
  • Receives a 40% discount off GAPM™ MSRP
  • Receives an upgraded demo license

Certified Associate Partner

Certified Associate Partners are associates that have completed GAPM™ certification and are growing their GAPM™ based business. Partners at this level are established associates with regional practices and have significant industry or horizontal application expertise.

  • Has obtained GAPM™ certification
  • Committed to executing a GAPM™ business plan
  • Demonstrated consulting expertise
  • Generates and maintains annual GAPM™ net revenues of $20,000
  • Receives a 30% discount off GAPM™ MSRP and a upgraded demo license

Junior Associate Partner

Junior Associate Partners provide industry-leading solutions to clients and are committed to doing significant business with PS Culture Matters. This level is for new and existing partners growing their GAPM™ based business. Partners at this level are required to meet minimum program guidelines to establish a healthy relationship with GAPM™.

  • Committed to executing and continuing to develop a healthy and vital GAPM™ business plan
  • Demonstrated industry and consulting expertise
  • Has obtained GAPM™ certification
  • Has 2 GAPM™ client references
  • Generates and maintains annual GAPM™ net revenues of $8,000
  • Receives a 25% discount off GAPM™ MSRP

Referral Associate Partner

Referral Associate Partners are recognized for bringing net new opportunities to PS Culture Matters. A 10% referral fee on GAPM™ net revenues for year one is paid upon receipt of end client payments.