Achieve Business Impact

Achieve Business Impact

Achieve Business Impact with Accountable Culture Management
Presented by: Ted Garnett and Bryan K. Short
Brought to you by: HCI Human Capital Institute

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Most businesspeople have subscribed to the adage that culture matters. Zappos, Southwest Airlines, Facebook, and Google are all well-publicized examples of organizations that are built on unique cultural platforms and practices. One of the key results these companies achieve is high performance from their executives, managers, and every other level of employees.

Yet, Many CEOs see HR approaches as over budget, after deadline, and lacking in clear ROI. How can HR provide a business-oriented process to develop a high performance culture, and clearly demonstrate the relationship between culture and business impact? Join this webcast and learn what components are most important, and how to develop a business impact approach to building a more effective culture.

  • Discover how a focus on “people metrics” has reinvigorated the performance of employees at Area Ambulance
  • Learn what behaviors and practices set high performing cultures apart from low performing ones
  • Find out the best ways to assess your own organization’s culture, and identify and challenge those pain points
  • Determine how people metrics can be a leading indicator to business impact
  • Alignment between people metrics and financial metrics can give your organization critical line of sight about

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