The Big Picture

ACM™ addresses the three main reasons culture change efforts fail

  1. No clear focus on performance and how culture plays a role
  2. Lack of isolating expected behaviors and 1-3 value or behavior shifts that are necessary to support sustainable performance
  3. Lack of a clear framework for aligning everything in the organization around #1 and #2

ACM™ is based on published best practices on building a performance culture

  • Defined by culture experts and outlined in the 2013 Book – Build the Culture Advantage, Deliver Sustainable Performance with Clarity & Speed
  • Best practices have been featured in books, case studies, blogs, webinars and publications
  • Leverages a clear and common sense Define / Align / Manage framework

ACM™ is adminstered with efficient support of culture experts

  • A range of support options are available from limited education and coaching to full facilitation by culture experts
  • Leverage the experience of experts to accelerate your learning curve and business impact

ACM™ drives sustainable performance with clarity and speed

  • The process starts with clarifying critical performance priorities
  • Initial culture alignment work is steered at these top priorities with clarity
  • ROI is continually measured to confirm business impact as a team

ACM Operating Driver