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Ted Garnett, PHR, CRP, SSBB

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“I’ve worked for the Fortune 500 for 20 years and they’ve brought in the best in the business for our conferences and spent hundreds of thousands on speakers and Ted is better than any of them!” – GMA Conference Executive Puerto Rico

Hot Current Topics

The Formula for Speed – What it takes to increase speed/results in your department/company. This dynamic presentation focuses on key metrics and tools that managers need to make improved leadership decisions.

Permanent Whitewater – Ten Key Tools to managing in the future of Constant Change in our Work Environment and turbulent economy.

Performance Driving – Why teams & individuals don’t perform and what to do about it…including revamping the performance review process with tools for performance coaching to impact bottom line results.

AccountaCution – A look at why accountability (or lack thereof) is a major concern in almost any organization with 2+ people and how to turn poor accountability into improved execution. Ted’s upcoming book of this same title will be out in 2009, don’t miss it!

Business Impact Thinking – Closing the gap between CEOs who fall out of bed thinking this way, and their managers who think this is complex rocket science. Managers are making 90 percent of the resource allocations each day that either drive, or fail to drive, ROI and business impact!

Customer Service Leadership – Identification of what customers need and how the difficult implementation of leadership propels loyalty and differentiation…or price shoppers and commoditization.

Each of these can be KEYNOTE topics or workshop oriented with interactive sessions. Delivery time is 30 minutes to 4 hours depending on the purpose and desired outcome.

The PS Culture Matters Approach

  • Practical Executive Advice: Ted translates Human Capital Management issues to bottom line business planning, providing relevant, practical advice for management decision makers.
  • Versatility: His extensive experience in organizational development/training, business process improvement and tracking, performance measurement and evaluation, employee benefits, and HR policy and legal issues gives him the versatility to customize presentations for nearly any business audience.
  • HR Insights: With a background in high-turnover industries, Ted offers valuable insights into how to recruit and retain talented employees, including developing/delivering effective training, directing strategic business planning and evaluating organizational communication tools.
  • Strategies for Every Level: As a generalist, he can speak to a broad spectrum of effective business impact planning and implementation issues, adapting his strategies to CEOs and specialists.
  • Straight Talk: Ted favors direct and candid assessment about results orientation—and implementation that will drive execution and return on investment.
  • Engaging Delivery: Ted’s fast-paced delivery, witty style, and call to action will provide your event with the perfect opening or closing keynote address at an affordable budget.

Proven Track Record

Ted has spoken at several local, state, regional and national events with tremendous response, including:

IPLSA Regional Conference: Springfield, IL Best in Conference, Best in 25 years as judged by 3 state directors

MMA International Conference: 2 time Keynote and Best In Conference Awards Puerto Rico & Allentown, PA

Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri Tri State Bankers Conference: Top Rated Speaker Award Kansas City, MO

CSIA National Conference: 3 time Keynote and Best In Conference Awards New Orleans, Memphis, Panama City

Iowa State SHRM Conference: 3 annual conferences

MRI National Conference: Cleveland, OH

Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust: Annual Internal Conference 2 times

And many more…

Participant Reviews

“I’ve worked for the Fortune 500 for 20 years and they’ve brought in the best in the business for our conferences and spent hundreds of thousands on speakers and Ted is better than any of them!” – Todd Griffith, GMA International Newspaper Conference Executive Puerto Rico (brought me back 3 times)

“Ted Garnett won “best in conference” honors once again at the National CSIA conference with his active participation event. After a year off he’s back as our Keynote Speaker for our 2013 conference so don’t miss your chance to see Ted Garnett in May 2013!” – Robert Lowe, National Engineering Conference (bringing me back an unprecedented 5th time!)

“Ted, thanks again adding tremendous value to our Leadership Program – and for making us look good as event planners! I will definitely keep you in mind as I plan events , as we are anxious to bring you back.” – Doug Warham, Kansas Bankers Association Bank Leaders of Kansas Programming Chair

“Good morning Ted, I just wanted to drop a quick email to say Thank You once again for the fine presentation you had for us at the conference. I took a proverbial “Ton” away from hearing you speak and I look forward to reading your book. I have a lot of notes to review from your presentation as well, and I’m excited to see what the future holds. Thank you for offering up your knowledge in such an open manner; you’re a true example of how corporate owners and officers should lead and manage their companies. If enough companies would learn to develop their core values having AccountaCution tools, there wouldn’t be an economic crisis on hand; dare I say World Peace. I hope the word gets out; I know I’ll promote it.” – Michael S. Ulibarri, PLS, President, Sight On Solutions, Inc. IPLSA Regional Conference Participant

“Ted was very good. I have been a part of many other leadership and team building exercises and / or speakers. Ted is one of the better ones I have been around!” – Executive Participant

“T.E.D. is: Totally Energetic Dude, Totally Energizing Dude, Team Energy Deployment… Teach Execute Debrief” – Executive Teambuilding Retreat Participant

“I learned great tools to enhance my teamwork and leadership abilities. Some of these tools include: becoming a better listener, trusting my teammates, working in a group, and holding people accountable. I had the opportunity to get to know my classmates much better on a personal level.” – Seminar Participant

“Ted, thank you for providing the practical tools and take-home value that our participants can use immediately. The “excellent” ratings are a direct result of your valuable and energetic presentations. We will absolutely consider you for future speaking events. We very much appreciate your significant contribution to the overall success of our leadership conference. We’ll look forward to our next engagement.” – Conference Planner

“Ted was great. Lots of energy and enthusiasm. Would definitely suggest to bring him back!” – Participant

“His energy was addictive! He is also, obviously passionate about his work which translates into the message.” – Executive Participant

More Participant Feedback

I was extremely impressed. Ted understands that focus varies and can pull everyone together.

Definitely- energy- passion- knowledge- community relationship.

Awesome! 10 for 10!

Energy is always on, we don’t sit still very long, keep it moving- nicely done.

Ted was personable and had lots of energy. Yes, very energetic, very creative activities and excellent describing on what we learned and how we can apply it in life.

High energy, great activities, engages group.

Knowledgeable- active- good use of humor, applicable concepts ideas.

Very insightful. Very inspirational.

Ted does an excellent job, he keeps the pace perfect.

Excellent ROI for any type of group.

Great job keeping our group focused and on task- amazing level of energy.

Energy was always there. We were always challenged to think.

Ted had great energy and enthusiasm. It really brought some things into perspective.